Important information before buying - company policy

All products that are displayed on our website are available, even those with 0 in stock! Just contact us or order the desired product, because our vision is this:

First, we will make each object with passion according to your needs and desires. You will understand that the delivery time will be different from one object to another because each object thus ordered becomes unique.

Second, we WANT to hear from you on your wacky ideas and ultimate needs that would not be displayed on our site. For example, you want a personalized sign to hang on your child's bedroom door, contact us. You want support for your hunting trophy this fall, contact us. Want to surprise mom at Christmas with a stand for her Tablet while she is lounging in bed, contact us!

Third, it should be noted that we work with wood and love its natural differences and imperfections. We strive to work around the defects of wood to turn them to the advantage of the desired piece, aesthetically speaking. If this bothers you, please let us know when ordering (take for example the photo of our La Nordique board, which clearly shows a knot in the wood). Also, since wood is a natural material, color variations are normal or even desirable.